Burdic’s 738 Set At JBC Tops Area Bowling

Paul Burdic floored a 222-268-248-738 in the Lena’s Pizza League on Wednesday night at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Mark Sanden rolled a 242-236-235-713 for Mud Creek Dairy and Bill Farr drilled a 224-241-235-700 for Farr’s Allstate Insurance in the Farr’s Allstate League at Fountain Bowl.

Chris Johnson belted out a 244-242-685 for JPF Trucking and Bill Thompson shot a 245-246-678 for Wadsworth Construction in the Lena’s Pizza League at JBC.

Howard Holmes uncorked a 279 in the same league at Fountain Bowl while Ryan Beaver tossed a 253 and Dave Fiorella a 252 at JBC.

Fountain Bowl: Ladies Doubles – Cindy Johnston 231-522, LuAnn DeFrisco 204-495.

Farr’s Allstate League – Sean Peters 231-243-668, Jeremy Crist 236-661. Howard Holmes 651, Mike Koresko 244-646, Jeff Arnold 245-635, Gregg Grimm 247-632, Dave Ericksen Jr. 225-586, Dave Johnson 225-585. Terry Sanden 228-583.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Lena’s Pizza :League – Ryan Beaver 669, Dave Fiorella 655, Jim Chapman 647, Ken Berlund 624, Warren Doud 225-231-620, Josh Volk 234-614, Phil O’Brien 223-612, Joe Tota 225-602, Terry Frank 589, Scott Johnson 584, Jeff Wadsworth 584, Tim Whitmore 230-582, John Williams Jr. 235-580.

Lena’s Pizza/Townline Auto League – Jami Olson 557, Marlene Macey 493, Becky Washer 478.