No On Casino Proposition One

To The Reader’s Forum:

No matter how the pols try to disguise it with false sweet talk about jobs, the proposition to allow seven more casinos in New York State is a terrible idea.

We already have, what, five casinos and nine “racinos”? Isn’t that enough to lure poor gambling addicts to ruin their lives and their families’ lives and steal from their jobs to feed their habits?

A recent letter tho the Observer favoring Prop One argued that, if it passes, there wouldn’t be one around here anyway, so why worry about the social impact casinos have on their communities? What a great argument: it won’t hurt us, just folks a few counties away! We won’t turn into dirtlike Niagara Falls.

Well, it does hurt us, just as any disease in the body politic, anything that hurts our neighbors, does. We need seven more casinos in New York just as much as we need seven more social diseases.

No on Proposition One: no more casinos in New York.

Mac Nelson,