Longview Avenue Dredging Project Corrects Sediment Issues

ELLICOTT – A mini dredging project on Longview Avenue on Oct. 22 corrected a large sediment issue at the mouth of Longview Creek which impeded water flow, creating a roosting place for geese and preventing fish from spawning.

“The sediment was probably 3 feet deep or more in some areas,” said Karen Rine, president of the Chautauqua Lake Partnership. Rine noted that more than 80 truckloads of sediment were removed from the area.

The buildup of sediment trapped aquatic vegetation coming along the shoreline and created an odor problem.

“There were lots of concerns why we thought the lake should be dredged,” Rine said. “… Even though this was a small project, it showed that if you take care of the lake, conditions improve.”

The dredging project became possible through a collaborative effort between Ellicott, Chautauqua Lake Partnership, New York State Department of Conservation and Army Corps of Engineers to obtain a permit and Chautauqua Lake Management Commission Watershed Management Plan as a planning reference.