Lifesaving Test

”No one expects the cancer nurse to get cancer, but it happens to all of us,” is what Kim Torrey said about her experience with breast cancer.

Torrey is a registered nurse case manager at WCA Hospital. In March, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She said it was discovered during her annual exam.

”I do a mammogram every year. I’ve always been proactive about mammograms. I’ve been proactive about cancer screenings,” she said.

Within a week of her mammogram, Torrey was undergoing a biopsy. She said she had a malignant tumor and needed surgery. A week later she was making an appointment, and two weeks later she had surgery. Four weeks later she started six-and-a-half weeks of radiation treatment. Now Torrey is cancer-free.

”It was encapsulated, it was really small,” she said. ”I would have never found it with a hand test.”

Torrey said she has no family history of breast cancer, and never expected to be diagnosed.

”Cancer knows no boundaries,” she said. ”I just thank God for the technology we have here, and all the skilled nurses and doctors.”

Torrey said the hospital can even help those with no health insurance receive annual testing. Also, there are programs to help people with medication.

”People can help you,” she said. ”Our certified patient navigators are here to help people.”

Dorothy Carlson, certified breast patient navigator, can be contacted at the Center For Imaging at WCA Hospital by calling 664-8163. WCA has been recognized for their services and received the designation of a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology.