Remember How They Voted

To The Reader’s Forum:

To sell or not to sell the County home will most likely be the most important votes in the history of our county.

About a third of our population collects from the system another third works for the system and the rest of us can no longer afford the costs. We have the third highest tax rate in the United States. Everyone says our hands are tied but in this instance they are not.

One of the reasons we have higher taxes than the rest of our own state is because our government seems to think they should be in the nursing home business. We can not put the sale of this home off any longer and jeopardize the whole county because it employs local residents. The employees will still have jobs most likely at private sector levels.

Vote the will of the vast majority of Chautauqua County residents or they will remember each and everyone of you when they get their January tax bills.

Tom Turner