Specialist: Gun Found In Taglianetti’s Car Had Stains On Barrel

MAYVILLE – A crime scene specialist confirmed Tuesday morning that the gun found in Anthony R. Taglianetti II’s car had stains on its barrel.

The second-degree murder trial began its second week with more forensics, as Chautauqua County District Attorney David Foley brought out an array of photographs of both Taglianetti’s vehicle and the contents inside.

Andrea Feldman, crime scene specialist with the Prince William County Police Department in Virginia, who performed the forensic investigation of Taglianetti’s vehicle on Sept. 28, 2012, said that a revolver, gun case, ammunition and rifle were all found inside.

According to Feldman, both the revolver barrel and gun case had “reddish-brown stains.”

Other contents found included a rifle, cellphone, a laptop, a map and a pair of sunglasses.

The trial is continuing this afternoon. Check post-journal.com for updates.