Fenton ‘Brown Bag Lectures’ Are Worth Your Time

To The Reader’s Forum:

I have attended nearly all of the Fenton History Center’s “Brown Bag Lectures” for the past two years.

Area folks are missing out on a very informative series of insights into local, as well as international topics. The lectures are informal, but presented by knowledgeable local historians and are anything but dry and boring. The most recent one concerned the automobile manufacturing industry in Jamestown. The attendance was the highest I have ever seen, with extra chairs being brought into the room. Had even one more attendee arrived, they would have had to stand out in the hallway.

By the way, “Brown Bag Lecture” means just that … folks are encouraged to bring their lunch. Those who did, had those who didn’t, wishing they had. By the way, there is no charge and the lectures are open to the public.

Steve Johnson