DCB Energy Provides Alternatives

FREWSBURG – Over the years, energy costs have steadily risen. The recently created DCB Energy Systems in Frewsburg offers alternate energy systems for people to choose from instead of relying on gas or electric.

Some of these systems people can choose from include solar voltaic, solar thermal, hydro and wind systems.

Solar thermal systems will cut down 50 to 70 percent of heating costs, saving individuals hundreds of dollars each year. Hydropower uses the kinetic energy of the water to turn it into mechanical energy, and individual wind turbines can convert wind going at least 10 miles per hour.

“It’s an investment,” said David Brugge, owner of DCB Energy Systems. “It’s a return on an investment over time. So you are buying some type of alternative energy, then it’s not an immediate payback, it’s an investment. As the price of energy goes up, you basically paid for your own energy, so to speak, from now until the equipment is paid off and beyond.”

Brugge said one reason to invest in alternate energies is users will no longer be told how much they will pay for fuel costs. Not only that, but alternate energy acts as a clean energy source for the environment.

DCB Energy Systems will be covering six counties in Western New York, including Chautauqua, and northwestern Pennsylvania. Alternate energy will be site specific, and DCB Energy Systems offers site evaluations and technical consulting services to determine the energy potential for specific locations. The site analysis will help determine the most cost-effective solutions based on energy needs.

Brugge is a certified dealer and installer for SunMaxx Solar Systems and has been in the technical service sales business for more than 30 years. He is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau. Brugge will be at the Chautauqua County Energy Conference and Expo on Nov. 1-2 at 215 W. Lake Road in Mayville.

For more information about DCB Energy Systems, visit their website at www.dcbenergy.com or call 569-3906. Hours are flexible.