Thule Lodge Plans Final Friday Night Dinner

BEMUS POINT – Members of the Thule Lodge, located at 4123 Pancake Hill Road, met recently to set the plans for the final Friday night dinner of the season.

The dinner is scheduled to be held at the lodge on Friday, from 5-7 p.m.All dinners are open to everyone, and everyone is welcome.

From the early spring through Nov. 1, the Thule Lodge has held a fish dinner on many Friday evenings, and always offering a second choice of a Swedish dinner. Thule Lodge serves to preserve the Swedish heritage through events and activities, and has been in the Jamestown/Bemus Point area now for nearly 106 years.

The final Friday night dinner of the season will feature a fish dinner, where fish will be prepared in one of three ways: breaded, broiled or pan-fried. In addition to the fish dinner, a second choice of a dinner will be available. The second choice dinner will be called a Swedish triple plate with Swedish meatballs, korv and kaldolmars. Rotmos or mashed potatoes will also be served with the meal. Desserts will be offered as well.

At the recent meeting, past chairman Ralph Veights served as the chairman of the meeting. Veights welcomed all to the meeting, and Susan Sipos, vice chairman, read the chaplain’s message. John Sipos, lodge historian, led the Pledge of Allegiance. Sipos said that it was 121 years and one week ago that the Pledge of Allegiance was first said by millions of school children in recognition of the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus landing in the new world. The roll call of officers was given by Loretta Smith, treasurer, who also gave the financial report of the lodge and the financial secretary’s report.

One new member was voted upon and accepted by the lodge. Donna Johnson, children’s dance leader, gave the report of the children’s dance team and said that rehearsals are going along, and that the children will be dancing at the next Scandinavian Studies Program at the JCC Student Union on Saturday, Nov. 2. Scandinavian studies are from 10 a.m. until noon on the first Saturday of each month through May. Allie Nelson Withers, past cultural leader, reported on a member who is ill. During the meeting, special meeting awards were presented to Brenda Nelson, Lynn Meyers and Everett King.

Following the meeting, refreshments were provided and served by Ralph and Bernie Veights. These included salmon sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches and a chocolate cake baked by Mr. Veights. The Swedish table blessing was given by Mrs. Withers. The next meeting of the lodge will be on Saturday, Nov. 16 at 2 p.m. at the lodge. Refreshments of homemade pies will be provided and served by Gene and Loretta Smith. Members are encouraged to attend. Thule Lodge welcomes new members.