What’s In A Nickname? — Part I

Nicknames are such a part of so many people’s lives, especially in the world of sports and even more so within the sport of baseball. I know many may not follow the sport as closely as others, but the focus of this piece is designed for those who do follow the sport and who may have heard some of these nicknames which are specifically from the game of baseball. You are right if you guessed that a “Voice from the Bullpen” test of knowledge is coming right around the corner. (Hey, it’s that World Series time of year, so you had to expect a baseball piece sometime around now.) Part II, which will come at a later date, and will test your knowledge of nicknames in a variety of genres, but for today, it’s time to think baseball and see if you can recall who wore these monikers in America’s Pastime … (you need to give their full real name, first and last)

1.) “Blue Moon”

2.) “Knucksie”

3.) “Wee”

4.) “Boog”

5.) “The Toy Cannon”

6.) “The Baby Bull”

7.) “The Barber”

8.) “Rabbit”

9.) “Say Hey”

10.) “The Big Train”

11.) “The Glider”

12.) “The Mad Hungarian”

13.) “The Bird”

14.) “Shoeless Joe”

15.) “The Big Unit”

16.) “The Big Cat”

17.) ” The Big Hurt”

18.) “Catfish”

19.) “Chick”

20.) “Choo-Choo”

21.) “The Cobra”

22.) “Pops”

23.) “Cool Papa”

24.) “Dizzy”

25.) “The Lip”

26.) “Rapid Robert”

27.) “The Man”

28.) “The Hawk” (Two different players)

29.) “The Human Rain Delay”

30.) “Satchel”

31.) “The Spaceman”

32.) “Swede”

33.) “Daffy”

34.) “Wild Thing”

35.) “The Sultan of Swat”

36.) “Sweet Lou” (Two different players)

37.) “The Splendid Splinter”

38.) “Pee Wee”

39.) “The Penguin”

40.) “Louisiana Lightning”

41.) “The Fordham Flash”

42.) “Cookie”

43.) “Coco”

44.) “Charlie Hustle”

45.) “The Ironman”

46.) “Pudge” (Two different players)

47.) “Scrap Iron”

48.) “No Neck”

49.) “Mr. Cub”

50.) “Le Grande Orange” (had another nickname too … bonus point if you get that one too)

There are the questions. I have included one of the teams each player played for so you can check it out if you want. I know you baseball aficionados will have all the answers, and already know the team, or maybe teams, for whom they played. I am sure my cousin Greg from Hamburg, Greg Peterson (Jamestown’s greatest baseball historian), local businesswoman and baseball expert, Lois Blackman, and my good friend and baseball lover extraordinaire, Ray, from Fredonia will ask me why I made this so easy, but I need to keep as many readers as I can, so I wanted to make it challenging but fun too. The answers will follow, but as in all of these little “Voice from the Bullpen” brain teasers, I am sure they won’t be needed. Score two points for each correct answer. … Good luck!

1.) John Odom (Oakland As)

2.) Phil Niekro (Atlanta Braves)

3.) Willie Keeler (Baltimore Orioles)

4.) John Powell (Baltimore Orioles)

5.) Jimmy Wynn (Houston Astros)

6.) Orlando Cepeda (San Francisco)

7.) Sal Maglie (New York Giants)

8.) Walter Maranville (Boston Braves)

9.) Willie Mays (New York & San Francisco Giants)

10.) Walter Johnson (Washington Senators)

11.) Ed Charles (New York Mets)

12.) Al Hrobasky (St. Louis Cardinals)

13.) Mark Fidrych (Detroit Tigers)

14.) Joe Jackson (Chicago White Sox)

15.) Randy Johnson (Seattle Mariners)

16.) Andres Gallaraga (Montreal Expos)

17.) Frank Thomas (Chicago White Sox)

18.) Jim Hunter (Oakland As)

19.) Arnold Gandil (Chicago White Sox)

20.) Clarence Coleman (New York Mets)

21.) Dave Parker (Pittsburgh Pirates)

22.) Willie Stargell (Pittsburgh Pirates)

23.) James Bell (St. Louis Stars)

24.) Jerome Dean (St. Louis Cardinals)

25.) Leo Durocher (Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers)

26.) Bob Feller (Cleveland Indians)

27.) Stan Musial (St. Louis Cardinals)

28.) Andre Dawson (Chicago Cubs) and Ken Harrelson (Boston Red Sox)

29.) Mike Hargrove (Cleveland Indians)

30.) Leroy Paige (Kansas City Monarchs)

31.) Bill Lee (Montreal Expos)

32.) Charles Risberg (Chicago White Sox)

33.) Paul Dean (St. Louis Cardinals)

34.) Mitch Williams (Philadelphia Phillies)

35.) George Herman Ruth (New York Yankees)

36.) Lou Whitaker (Detroit Tigers) and Lou Pinella (New York Yankees)

37.) Ted Williams (Boston Red Sox)

38.) Harold Reese (Brooklyn & Los Angeles Dodgers)

39.) Ron Cey (Los Angeles Dodgers)

40.) Ron Guidry (New York Yankees)

41.) Frankie Frisch (St. Louis Cardinals)

42.) Octavio Rojas (Kansas City Royals)

43.) Covelli Crisp (Cleveland Indians)

44.) Pete Rose (Cincinnati Reds)

45.) Lou Gehrig (New York Yankees)

46.) Carlton Fisk (Boston Red Sox) and Ivan Rodriguez (Texas Rangers)

47.) Phil Garner (Pittsburgh Pirates)

48.) Walt Williams (Chicago White Sox)

49.) Ernie Banks (Chicago Cubs)

50.) Daniel “Rusty” Staub (Montreal Expos and New York Mets and the Houston Colt 45s)

Well, how did you do? Knowing all the baseball experts out there, I am sure the results will be outstanding. Hope all of you fans of the game showed your knowledge on this little test of the game and enjoyed this edition of the “Voice from the Bullpen.”