City Man Caught Making Crack

A Jamestown man has found himself in trouble with the law again.

Joseph Thayer, 36, was taken into custody Thursday following an investigation into the illegal sales and distribution of narcotics.

Around 5 p.m., investigators and SWAT members from the Jamestown Police Department executed a search warrant at 414 Winsor St. after several tips suggested the home was being used to sell narcotics and manufacture crack cocaine.

Upon entrance into the home, investigators found Thayer and other occupants in the process of manufacturing narcotics with a butane torch.

“He was making crack cocaine and had the blowtorch in his hand when the SWAT team entered, which is dangerous,” said Captain Robert Samuelson of the JPD. Samuelson also noted that the home at 414 Windsor St. was an “active drug location (with) people coming and going very frequently.”

A search of the residence located 8 grams of cocaine, 300 grams of marijuana, a large quantity of prescription pills and various drug paraphernalia. Also inside the home were numerous electronic items, including flat-screen televisions, which authorities believe had been traded at the location for narcotics.

Thayer, a resident of the location, was charged with third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, third-degree criminal possession of marijuana, second-degree criminal using drug paraphenalia and seventh-degree criminal possession of controlled substance.

In a 2011 case, Thayer was charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of marijuana, seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance in a non-original container. At the time he was arraigned in Ellicott Town Court and taken to the Chautauqua County Jail.

In 2010, Thayer was convicted of misdemeanor driving while intoxicated and sentenced to 90 days in the county jail. The conviction was the result of a July 2009 police chase, which included Thayer leading police on a foot chase through parts the city and Ellicott.

As a result of Thursday’s bust, Thayer was arraigned Friday morning and taken to county jail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday where bail will be determined.

Jamestown Police were assisted at the scene by the Jamestown Department of Development, which condemned the home as uninhabitable after several code violations were discovered.

“Part of the information (regarding the investigation) was a result of tips about that location,” Samuelson said.

Anyone who may have information on the illegal sales of narcotics in the Jamestown area is asked to contact the Jamestown Police Department’s anonymous tip line at 483-TIPS (8477). All calls will be kept confidential.