Barone Takes Aim At Mary Taglianetti’s Credibility

MAYVILLE – The wife of accused murderer, Anthony R. Taglianetti, admitted Friday in Chautauqua County Court to lying in previous court documents.

Public Defender Nathaniel Barone took aim at Mary Taglianetti’s credibility in the second-degree murder trial of her ex-husband, painting her as a cheating wife and a liar who signed a divorce action with inaccurate information.

“You lied on that document,” Barone said. “You lied to the court.”

Mary Taglianetti admitted to signing an inaccurate divorce filing in March 2013, which stated that she had been living in New York state for two years. In actuality, she moved to New York state at the beginning of 2013.

The admission was one of many uncomfortable moments for Mary Taglianetti, who was often seen fidgeting in her chair and keeping her head down.

She briefly cried as Barone honed in on the summer of 2010, the time she separated from her husband, moved to New York state and started an online relationship with Keith Reed Jr., former Clymer Central School superintendent.

“I was lonely … I wanted a guy,” Mary Taglianetti said.

Mary Taglianetti admitted to having multiple online affairs – sexual in nature – with men during the summer of 2010.

She was unable to recall how many photos or if she mentioned her relationship status in her online profile.

Trial is continuing this afternoon.

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