Paired For Fitness

Being able to work out together at the Y is an added bonus for John and Carol Samuelson of Jamestown, who both believe in the statement, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”

At least three days a week, the happy couple walks down the street from Samuelson’s law office where they work to stay fit at the Jamestown YMCA during their lunch break.

“The Y gives us a break from the sometimes stressful aspects of our jobs,” said Samuelson.

“Four years ago, in my early 60s, I started running outside from the Y and have lost over 25 pounds. Thanks to the Y, I have gotten stronger and faster and this year I was able to reach a goal to come in first in my division in the Buffalo Marathon.”

Carol is in the same boat, losing more than 20 pounds this year from adhering to her fitness routine.

“My doctor encouraged me to lose some weight because of my high cholesterol and pre-diabetic condition,” she said. “Now, I am off medication and feel great.”

The couple, who have been together since 1969, enjoy the variety of activities at the Y.

Besides running outside an average of 1,400 miles a year and participating in local races, Samuelson uses the treadmill, Nautilus machines, weights and Expresso bikes at the Y.

Carol’s favorite workout is riding the Expresso bikes, which create interactive virtual tours ranging from easy to extreme and track your progress.

“The main thing to remember is to start easy when it comes to working out,” said John.

“Over time, you will see results and be able to improve based on personal goals and encouragement from others.”

In regard to goals, they both have set some for themselves. John wants to keep improving his level of fitness while Carol wants to lose a little more weight and win an Expresso bike contest one of these days.

“For people that are older, there is no reason not to keep exercising at whatever level you can,” said John.

“It really does pay great dividends in all parts of your life if you put in the effort and the Y is a great place to do it.”