‘It Was Just An Idea’

It was just an idea! We girls of Chautauqua Shores Chorus were discussing putting on a show; as opposed to our usual requested singouts for various groups in the Chautauqua County area, as well as many in Pennsylvania.

We were down to only a dozen or so members … and where do you start? Ruth Dodds and Marge Possehl sort of got it going; meaning it to be a memorial for our dear department member, Kathleen. She has been with our group the past 10 years and had courageously persevered her battle with cancer … before her death in May 2013.

Ruth wrote the script, but sadly and very unexpectedly, she also passed away, bringing our membership down even further. It was Ruth who got permission from the First Baptist Church for our use for rehearsals on Monday evenings; when we lost that availability at the First Congregational Church. However, the members gave us permission to continue on with our rehearsals at the Baptist Church, even with our loss of Ruth. We really appreciate that option … of not having to move again so soon.

The fact that Ruth was also the lead singer in our quartet, ”Noteworthy,” also placed a problem of the show script due to the quartet doing eight or nine numbers for the show.

However, again, a brand new member named Sandy had recently joined the chorus (she, being a sister to ”Noteworthy’s tenor Shari). She not only learned all the words and music but did what the lead in a quartet is supposed to do – be the lead – as far as rhythm and the telling of the message goes. Kudos to her and really to everyone who so valiantly did their part, especially Dee, our director, who kept us on schedule.

June and I have been singing barbershop for a long time. However, I was the only one I knew to be ”Elaine.” Not any more … oh, I’m still here, but so is a relatively recent member known as ”the Bluebird Lady,” who has added very much to the chorus in many ways and especially to our bass section.

I’m sure you cannot have to many by that name because only quite recently, we were happy to have ”a new Elaine” join our group by just ”walking in to our rehearsal.” She sings the lead (or melody) and also learns her music quickly. We are blessed!

Thank you Ruth and Marge, for the fun script! Thank you all for always being there. Thank you Joan, for the lovely posters that ”the Three Baers” so nicely managed to remove on time. thank you Jim, for all the wonderful photography. Thank you Audrey, for keeping us all young … and ”in line.” After all … you may not get ”a man with a gun,” but you surely ”get your game” and keep us all in line.

We all do our part actually, and are truly sisters-in-heart. One very good example of that being the case is that Mary Bari never forgot us and she has returned to us, as good sisters do. her voice is lovely as ever!

And what would we do without Claudia. She is the one who gets our name out to the public and if we aren’t able to drive after dark (because of older age or some such nonsense), she’ll drive.

And Jeanne, Santa’s helper, gives out the treats with some help from Audrey, Shari, etc. … whomever likes to bake.

Didn’t forget you Stacy … I still think you ought to be in a quartet.

Ms. Sofia Isabella did a great job as announcer and thanks to the 96th Highlanders Pipe and Drum Corps for adding the Celtic Music.

Elaine Gregory