Clymer School Secretaries: Taglianetti Was Looking For Reed

MAYVILLE – Two Clymer Central School secretaries identified Anthony R. Taglianetti II as the man who was looking for Keith Reed Jr. on the day of his murder.

Chautauqua County District Attorney David Foley and his prosecution team brought three employees of Clymer Central School to the stand Thursday morning, hoping to confirm the presence of Taglianetti at the school on Sept. 21, 2012.

“There was a man trying to get my attention (outside the entrance), ” said Dianne Einink, a student services secretary at the school.

Einink said she opened the door for Taglianetti at approximately noon and escorted him to the main office because he inquired about becoming a substitute teacher.

“(Taglianetti) said he was looking for a substitute teacher application,” reiterated Teresa Lombardozzi, main office secretary. “He said he had two master’s degrees.”

Lombardozzi also said Taglianetti asked for Reed’s location, at which point she directed him to Carole Siverling, Reed’s personal secretary.

Siverling met with Taglianetti in the hallway outside her office. She also indicated that Taglianetti asked for Reed’s location.

“(Reed) was at a meeting,” Siverling said. “(Taglianetti) then asked some questions about the community and school.”

Taglianetti left the school shortly after meeting Siverling.

The prosecution showed the jury pieces of video footage from the school surveillance cameras that captured Taglianetti entering and exiting the school as well as walking down a hallway.

Public Defender Nathaniel Barone cross examined Siverling, contending that Taglianetti could have entered Reed’s office – which was right next to Siverling’s and was unlocked – but chose not to do so.

Siverling also said Taglianetti was not angry, tired or sweating. She also did not see a gun in his possession.