FALCONER – Barclay Potts, John Conti and Jerry Vargason were three-game winners in the Chautauqua Lake Senior Horseshoe Club League on Tuesday at the Gold Star Sports Complex.

Potts had games of 94 points with 11 ringers, 93 with 13 ringers and 83 with seven ringers.

Conti delivered two games of 97 points and one with 94 with a total of 25 ringers.

Vargason had games of 83 points with seven ringers and games of 77 and 75 points with a total of 11 ringers.

Kurt vonKleist won two games with 93 points with 29 ringers and 82 points with 27 ringers.

Larry Piazza delivered 91 points with 14 ringers and 83 points with 10 ringers.

Ken Hopkins had games of 87 points with nine ringers and 80 points with seven ringers.

Mike Shannon had 86 points with seven ringers and 78 points with five ringers.

Dick Franzen delivered a two 84-point games and a total of 11 ringers.

Other high games were Ron Rose with 85 points and six ringers, Rich Burlett with 82 points and 11 ringers, Carl Carey 82 points and nine ringers, and Art Mitchell 81 points and seven ringers.