Learning From The Past To Change The Future

It is a piece of the past and the present.

In the village of Westfield, current Mayor Michael VandeVelde called together five previous mayors to discuss the happenings and their experiences. It was a bipartisan event and is something a number of other municipal governments need to consider.

“All the past mayors sat in this seat,” VandeVelde said. “What better place to turn to than their experiences with many of the similar problems that I currently deal with. I loved having them here and I will continue to draw from their expertise.”

Former mayors who participated in the gathering were Richard Davies, Linda Dunn, William Christ Jr., Ronald Catalano and David Carr. All those former mayors took on the same issues VandeVelde will face.

And obviously, not much has changed over the course of the six mayors. Population continues to decline along with the tax base while leaner budgeting is expected. But lessons from the past, moving forward, are always important to revisit.

Cheers to VandeVelde for putting this together.