Horrigan Speaks To Chautauqua Town Board

MAYVILLE – Vince Horrigan, Chautauqua County legislator and current candidate for County Executive, stated at the Town of Chautauqua Board meeting on Oct. 15 that he is “very, very confident” that county tax rates will not increase next year, as the current county executive has said.

Horrigan said county taxes will be the same or possibly slightly lower in the coming year, in part due to a lower social services budget. These statements were made during the public comment portion of the meeting.

Residents of Chautauqua Lake Estates expressed their concern over high sewer and water costs in their water district. Norm Green, who lives on Oneida Drive in the complex, spoke on behalf of Chautauqua Lake Estates property owners. He urged the board to take any possible steps to reduce the annual cost to residents of roughly $1,700 for each of the 172 units in the complex.

Roger Murphy, who is also a Chautauqua Lake Estates property owner, pointed out that his annual cost for water and sewer in his Orchard Park home, with an assessed value more than 3 times that of his Chautauqua Lake Estates condominium, costs about $657 annually for water and sewer, as compared to the $1,721 cost at the estates.

Board members responded that no reductions can be made in the charges to residents in the water district at this time.

The Highway Department was applauded for its work on a drainage system done in conjunction with Chautauqua Shores. Several mini-dams were created which serve to keep run-off water from overflowing the channel and flooding the area. The drainage ditch was photographed during the recent heavy rains on September 21 and the dams functioned “completely as planned'” according to Charles Heinz who, with landscape architect Dean Gowen, had made the plans for the installation.

In other business, a variance for light industry was granted for Mose Byler, a woodworker and cabinet maker, who wanted to move his business to Elm Flats Road. A lease for the public defender to rent space in the town building was approved, and the board agreed to extend a contract listing a property on Bloomer Road for sale.