Update 6:30 p.m.: Coroner Confirms Third Shot Was Fatal

MAYVILLE – The autopsy performed on the body of Keith Reed Jr., former Clymer Central School superintendent, confirmed that the victim was shot three times at close range. The autopsy also contained evidence of a gun muzzle imprint.

James Jackson, Chautauqua County coroner, and Dr. Dianne Vertes, Erie County Medical Center medical examiner, who jointly performed the autopsy, testified Wednesday at the Anthony R. Taglianetti trial, telling the 16-person jury that Reed’s body had a total of six entrance and exit wounds – one of which had a muzzle imprint.

“This is a definite muzzle imprint,” said Vertes, pointing to an enlarged photograph of Reed’s back wound. “There is a semi-circular abrasion on the left side of the wound (which is indicative of a muzzle).”

Reed’s entrance wounds and corresponding exit wounds were: in the front chest, out the lower left back; in the back left shoulder blade, out the front left shoulder; and in the left back, out the right chest.

The last of these – the one with the imprint – was deemed the “fatal shot” by both Jackson and Vertes, as it entered the chest cavity and penetrated the lungs, esophagus, aorta, heart, diaphragm and liver.

All three shots were determined by Vertes to be fired at close range, who evidenced this by the sooting pattern, inverted skin, metal filings and abrasions around the wounds.

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