Nothing Scarier Than An Uninformed Electorate

To The Reader’s Forum:

I was appalled today by two items in the Jamestown Post-Journal.

First and foremost by learning there will be yet another tax increase. Last week our county manager also announced a budget with a county tax increase. My question to our city and county officials is just how many tax increases do they believe home owners can absorb? Every year since I moved back here in 2004 we have been hit with a tax increase. This past summer I refinanced my mortgage and despite improvements and taking care of our property my home was not appraised any higher than it was 10 years ago.

Secondly, the P-J poll showed that 65 percent believed the debt limit should not be increased. Nothing is scarier than an uniformed electorate. Do those 65 percent understand that to raise the debt limit is not increasing future debt? Do they understand that it is to pay for money already spent and approved my Congress? Would those same 65 percent put charges on a credit card and then decide not to pay the credit card? Are those among the 65 percent that irresponsible? Are they willing to suffer the consequences to this country and the world if the US defaults on it’s obligations?

As I said, there is nothing scarier than an uninformed electorate. Do some research 65 percent.

Denise Priestman