Taglianetti Trial Begins; Foley, Barone Make Opening Statements

MAYVILLE – District Attorney David Foley said Tuesday morning that investigators found a .357 Magnum handgun in Anthony R. Taglianetti II’s car, the barrel of which contained Keith Reed’s blood.

The trial of Taglianetti, who is accused of murdering Reed, former Clymer Central School superintendent, on Sept. 21, 2012, began this morning with opening statements in which Foley painted the defendant as a volatile and overly jealous husband.

“(Taglianetti) took matters into his own hands,” Foley said. “(He committed murder) over an email.”

Taglianetti allegedly drove from Virginia to Clymer to find Reed, after discovering the former superintendent was having an online affair with his wife, Mary.

Taglianetti’s gun was wrapped in a paper copy of an email between Reed and his wife.

Foley said an ATM receipt from a Virginia bank was found near Reed’s body.

Public Defender Ned Barone used his opening statements to paint Mary as an unscrupulous individual.

“(Mary) is a master manipulator,” Barone said. “This isn’t a story about an affair. This is a story of manipulation and exploitation.”

Barone warned the jury to examine her future testimony closely because he said she’s a liar.

Barone further touted Taglianetti as a dedicated family man and husband.

Foley’ s witnesses, primarily friends and family of Reed, are currently testifying.

The trial will continue this afternoon.

See Wednesday’s edition of The Post-Journal for more information.