Narducci Seeks Re-Election As Chautauqua Town Justice

MAYVILLE – Chautauqua Town Justice David J. Narducci has announced his intentions to seek re-election to one of two Chautauqua town justice seats that will be on the ballot in the upcoming November election. Narducci has been a Chautauqua justice since 1989. Narducci has been endorsed by the Republican, Democrat and Conservative parties.

“Growing up I learned several important lessons,” he said “I learned that faith, family and friends are the foundations of life that truly endure. I also learned to work hard and play by the rules and to always conduct myself as a gentleman in a manner that would always make my family and friends proud.

“As a town justice, I have come to believe that our system of justice, and our courts, should reflect these same tried and true values plus the additional elements of honor, integrity and dedication,” Narducci continued. “Furthermore, our courts must be honest and independent voices. All the complex legal, judicial and political theories about being a good town justice can be condensed into one clear concept – follow the law and simply do what is fair and what is right.”

Narducci went on to state that, “I pledge to continue my commitment toward providing a court that is fair, impartial, understanding and compassionate, yet stern and tough when required, and I have always considered it to be both an honor and a privilege to be able to serve my community through the office of town justice.”

Narducci has engineering degrees from Penn State, the University of Nevada and the University of Toledo and served honorably in the U.S. Navy. He is a life member of the American Legion, member and past president of the Chautauqua County Magistrates Association and a member of the New York State Magistrates Association and a past member of their executive board of directors.

Narducci is also the hearing officer for the Chautauqua County Health Department which he does on a “pro bono” basis. In addition he has also participated on a “pro bono” basis as the village of Mayville engineer on several village construction projects including the village of Mayville Lakeside Park Carlson Community Center and more recently the new village of Mayville DPW Office and Electrical Department buildings located on Morris Street.

Narducci has authored several judicial publications including “Criminal Jury Trial Procedures For New York State Town & Village Courts.”

Narducci retired from MRC Bearings/SKF Aeroengine in 2005 where he was the manager of Facilities & Project Engineering and currently runs Lakes Engineering in Mayville where he resides with Joyce, his wife of 47 years, and their Border Collie “Lady.”