Salamanca Board Creates New Outside Legal Budget Line

SALAMANCA – Trick-or-Treaters, attorneys and casino funds. It may sound like a bad joke waiting to happen, but these were the main topics of the city of Salamanca Common Council Wednesday night, with two of the three having any kind of resolution.

A new budget line has been created by unanimous vote in the Silver Bell City. For some time, outside attorneys have been paid through a budget line established for, and entitled, Judgements and Claims. The line is supposed to be used for deductibles on insurance claims and other unforeseen court judgements, according to City Clerk April Vecchiarella.

“Our former city attorney is finishing up some of the cases she was working on when she left,” City Mayor Carmen Vecchiarella said. “I have been directed by the city comptroller that we should not be using that line to pay for her and for other attorneys when we have labor negotiations.”

The new line, Outside Legal, will receive $10,000 funding from the general contingency budget, Vecchiarella said. The Judgements and Claims line has traditionally received $5,000 funding, annually.

As a new line is added to the budget, Vecchiarella said the city has received its payment of casino revenue. Of the amount, the $8 million owed to New York state was held, and approximately $6 million of the funds is expected to go to the Salamanca School District. The city was due to receive around $35 million. Use of the funds is yet to be determined, according to Vecchiarella.

The members of the Common Council also voted unanimously to allow the annual Trick-or-Treat hours on Halloween night, Thursday, Oct. 31, from 6-8 p.m.

“Residents that wish to participate are asked to turn their porch lights on,” Vecchiarella said.

Residents will also notice that the sidewalk repair project is nearing completion for the year, Vecchiarella said. Over the course of the summer, almost 600 sidewalk blocks have been replaced to date. By the end of the month, a total of 701 blocks around the city will have been removed and repoured, he said.

The next meeting of the Salamanca Common Council is scheduled for Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the courtroom of the Ronald J. Yehl Municipal Building, 225 Wildwood Ave., Salamanca.