Government Shutdown: A Teachable Moment

To The Reader’s Forum:

This is a teachable moment. Unfortunately all our political leaders are too busy insulting each other to get to the point.

First probably over 70 percent of the population doesn’t know or care that a partial shutdown of the federal government has occurred. Most of those who do are federal employees or contractors and look to the government for their livelihood.

There is enough blame for everyone.

If the Senate had done its job for the last four years and passed a budget we would not be here. This is the result of “Continuing Resolutions.” The Constitution allows that all revenue bills begin in the House. If the two bodies cannot agree the they establish conference committees who work out compromise. The Senate Majority Leader refuses to do this.

The President if he has particular strong opinions for or against some part of the budget may enter in to these discussions or veto any budget.

The President is absolutely correct in his boast that he won re-election. However that only gives him control over a third rd of our three branches of government. The House can if they choose boast that the people elected a majority of conservatives as a check or balance against out-of-control spending.

One need only look at the makeup of our government to see that gridlock was the primary weapon of the people. One hundred senators and 435 Representatives should debate every bill and every budget, the idea being, that which is bad for AMERICA (not Republicans or Democrats) would be talked to death. This step was left out of the Affordable Care Act (ObammaCare) because those sponsoring knew it would not survive. They didn’t even write it down or read it. All legislation has two steps – passage and funding, where we are now with ACA. The House of Representatives gets two bites at the apple. They are in the passage and the beginning of funding.

Tell your kids that this is how a Constitutional Republic works and to pray that the little band of conservatives stand strong and hold our weak-kneed Speaker up.

Do most of you know that most good things that have happened in history were begun by a small, but determined, minority.

Your question for today is was it a small or large group of Americans who favored throwing the tea in Boston Harbor?

Jim Walker