Ten Steps Republicans Should Follow To Govern

To The Reader’s Forum:

1. Government is the solution, not the problem. Note, if government “is” the problem the simple solution would be to get rid of the government. So how is that working for the party?

2. Hostage taking and blame dispensing does not solve problems. The party should never threaten the good faith and credit of the USA, doing so only advertises the party’s inability to govern.

3. Cutting taxes is as much to blame as additional spending is. In fact, our entitlement programs were based on pre-George W. Bush tax cuts much like most homes are purchased based on two people’s income. When the income drops the mortgage is still due. Cutting spending will help but it was not only the spending that got us into trouble; it was also the loss of income.

4. If tax cuts equal jobs, where are the jobs? This mantra has to end since all the jobs went to China and the tax cuts went to the wealthy. Wealth distribution is a Christian principle. Deuteronomy 15 speaks very plainly that every seven years everyone’s debt be forgiven.

5. Nowhere in the Constitution does it allow for laws that have been passed by Congress and declared constitutional by the Supreme Court to be unfunded by Congress. It is the President’s and Congress’ responsibility to implement all laws passed.

6. Stop campaigning for the next election and start governing. When your stated goal is to make the other candidate or the President look bad at the expense of the country we all lose. You win when you do what is best for the country.

7. Stop protecting the wealthy and start protecting the poor. Entitlements are promises that Congress made to the poor. If we cannot extend grace to the poor, why should God extend grace to us? “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.”

8. Stop being the older brother in the prodigal son story who is extremely angry that his father lavished a banquet for his lost son who squandered the inheritance his father gave him on women and wine.

9. Our success as a nation should not be measured by the number of millionaires we create, but by the record low poverty levels we continually strive for.

10. The party wins not when you destroy your opponent in an election, but when you have improved the lives of each and every citizen under your care.

Edward Vos