Saturday Teen Club Party To Reward Acts Of Community Service

Motivating teenagers to serve their community may seem like a tall order, but not for one local man, who seeks to reward community service with an unforgettable party.

Dan Myers, owner of Secret Garden Flower Shop in Jamestown, is also the founder of Jamestown Vibe, a mobile teen night club that will host a glow party with DJ Sizzle on Saturday, Oct. 26, from 7-10:30 p.m. at the Lillian Ney Renaissance Center, located at 119 W. Third St. in Jamestown. The event, which is for teenagers in grades 9-12 only, seeks to provide a fun and safe venue for local youth in exchange for acts of community service.

“We’re running out of things for youth to do in the area,” Myers said. “We have a gap there right now, we don’t have enough for the kids to do, we wonder why they’re out walking the streets, and so we hope (with this event) to give them some direction.”

The event, which has a $5 entrance fee, offers students a wide variety of VIP perks, including limo services, for those who report in 100 hours of community service time.

“You can’t buy into the VIP sections,” Myers said. “It doesn’t matter how much money you have, you can only buy into it by community service.”

Myers suggests that students get involved with local youth groups or community-wide initiatives like Hands-On Jamestown, which sets out to clean up litter in the city. Simple acts like shoveling sidewalks, raking leaves and picking up groceries for the elderly can also count as community service.

“(Students) can contact me and tell me how many hours they’ve done,” said Myers, who will keep track of students’ progress on an electronic database until the day of the event. “But they need to provide some documentation (at the event) that tells me they actually did the service.”

Myers, along with his wife, Joan – who co-owns their flower shop – have received a tremendous amount of support from parents and businesses both inside and outside of Jamestown.

“I’ve had a lot of support from the community,” Myers said. “Parents from Falconer and (Jamestown High School) are going to help. Bair’s Pizza (of Falconer) will serve pizza by the slice. I think we got a good thing going on here.”

As much as Myers strives to make this a youth-centered event, he wants to reassure parents that this will be a safe and supervised event, with three security personnel present.

“(The security guards) and myself are people of integrity,” Myers said. “We want to be good role models for everybody in the club.”

The event’s musical guest, DJ Sizzle, is Myers’ son, and an accomplished DJ of seven years.

Students are requested to “dress to impress” at the event, which will include a high-tech light show, free glow bracelets and a photo booth. Acceptable ID includes school identification, driver’s permit and driver’s license.

To contact Myers or get more information on the event, visit Jamestown Vibe on Facebook.