FALCONER – Dick Franzen captured three games as the Chautauqua Lake Senior Horseshoes League began the season at Gold Star Sports on Tuesday.

Franzen had a high single of 87 with six ringers while also having singles of 80 and 72 with a total of 13 ringers for three games.

Topper Westerdahl and Jerry Vargason were as well three-game winners.

Westerdahl recorded games of 87 with 13 ringers, 82 points with 11 ringers and 80 points with eight ringers.

Vargason had games of 81 points with nine ringers, 80 points with seven ringers and 76 points with five ringers.

Larry Piazza won two games with a high game of 92 points with 13 ringers.

Mike Shannon and Dave Evanzick were also two-game winners with Shannon’s high game being 85 points with eight ringers and Evanzick’s 83 points with five ringers.

Steve Anderson had a pair of eight ringer games after shooting 80 and 77 points.

Kurt vonKleist tossed the high ringer game with 94 points with 30 ringers for a 75 percent ringer game.