‘Heavy Weather’

While on tour promoting the release of their sophomore EP, four Erie-based indie folk-rockers made a stop at Mojo’s Friday evening.

The trip was Falling Hollywood’s first to Jamestown since releasing its debut EP in 2012. During the show, the foursome performed several tunes from its new EP, “Heavy Weather,” as well as selections from its 14-track debut EP, “Set The Table.”

“We’re here tonight (at Mojo’s) to show our new sound,” said Nick Taylor, guitar and vocals. “We started off as sort of a raw, gritty, folk-sort of thing, but we’ve added a lot of new elements. We’re a little grittier, more electrified and I’m curious to see how the audience responds – I think they’ll like it.”

Falling Hollywood is comprised of: Taylor; Matt Flowers, vocals and guitar; Bill Frackowiak, bass; and Brad Triana, drums. The group recently completed a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its new album, receiving $1,900 more than its $3,000 goal from a total of 58 backers. Some of Falling Hollywood’ s new tunes that may appear on the new EP include: “Gypsy Moth,” “Lead Us Into Heaven,” “Love,” “Blood Hit The Wall,” “Better Man,” and “Bottom Of The Handle.”

“We released the single ‘Gypsy Moth’ a while ago, and it’s got a cool, groovy thing going,” Frackowiak said.

According to Flowers, it’s difficult to choose a favorite off the new album, especially since it’s got a new gritty sound, but he loves performing “Lead Us Into Heaven,” he said.

“Some of the songs are polarized in the way that some are really heavy and some are really soft,” Flowers said. “On the softer side there is a song we have called ‘Lead Us Into Heaven’ and I think it carries so much emotion – you can really feel it.”

Falling Hollywood recorded “Heavy Weather” with Larry Luther of Mr. Smalls Recording and Mastering in Pittsburgh, Pa. The group will release the EP during an album release costume party, which is set for Saturday, Nov. 2, from 8-11:30 p.m. at the Watson-Curtze Mansion, 356 W. Sixth St. in Erie, Pa. To order tickets to the album release party, visit www.eriemansionparty.eventbrite.com.

Falling Hollywood’s “Set The Table” EP can be purchased for $7 or streamed in its entirety at www.fallinghollywood.bandcamp.com. For more information, visit www.fallinghollywood.com or search for “Falling Hollywood” on Facebook.

The show also featured Strangers and Liars, another Erie-based group which describes its sound as original electrified music in the American tradition. The four-member band is comprised of: Tommy Link, guitar and vocals; Justin Anderson, guitar and vocals; Russ Straub, bass; and Tom Hitt, drums and vocals.

Strangers and Liars performed several tracks off their debut album, “Five Seat Concert Hall,” such as “Broken Hearts.” The group also performed unrecorded tunes such as “Live That Way.”

“Five Seat Concert Hall” can be purchased for $5 or streamed in its entirety at www.strangersandliars.bandcamp.com. For more information, visit www.strangersandliars.com or search for “Strangers And Liars” on Facebook.