Tears Of Happiness

To The Reader’s Forum:

At the end of August, my doorbell rang and the lady said ”Let me in.” The lady was Virginia Maloy, my sister. Following her was my grandson Adam, his wife and two children.

I hadn’t see any of them for five years. I had been invited to their wedding and couldn’t go to Daytona Beach, Fla. three years ago. The now have a 4-month old son which haven’t seen. My grandson said ”Hi Grandma” and the happiness grew.

My hairdresser, Patti, had asked me to come over to get my hair done. I said I guess I won’t – don’t have anything special to do.

All these people knew this and kept it a secret. I had even gone t o Jamestown the day before with my sister.

My grandson Adam, Alicia, Isabella Rose and Maxwell are living in Powder Springs, Ga. They are both employed by the FBI.

The greatest surprise I ever had and will never forget.

Marilyn Rowlane