Public Safety Committee Approves Ellery Court Security Plan

MAYVILLE – The town of Ellery will soon potentially have deputy sheriffs for court security detail.

In a short five-minute meeting Wednesday, the Chautauqua County Legislature’s Public Safety Committee unanimously passed three resolutions.

The committee first re-authorized Frederick Johnson of Westfield to the STOP-DWI advisory board. Johnson’s term will end Oct. 31, 2016.

The committee also approved an agreement between the Sheriff’s Office and the town of Ellery for court security detail.

According to the agreement, the sheriff’s office will provide a part-time deputy officer on designated court nights. The tentative agreement is between Nov. 1, 2013, and Dec. 31, 2014. The estimated cost is $1,500, based on an hourly rate of $27.64.

Finally, the committee passed a resolution increasing a contractual emergency services appropriation account and a federal aid – homeland security revenue account $27,749. According to the resolution, the Department of Homeland Security provided funds to New York state to be used for grants relating to Citizen Corps Councils. Additionally, the state’s Emergency Management Office extended the Chautauqua County Office of Emergency Services’ application for the use of Citizen Corps Council funds, through Nov. 30, 2013. Therefore, the changes in revenues needed to be changed in the 2013 budget.