Community Fix

CELORON – One small act of teamwork and community spirit can often make a big difference in people’s lives.

Last month, Celoron village and business officials – including the mayor – joined together to personally fix the Celoron Community Center’s deck, handicap ramp and adjacent sidewalk, all of which had grown increasingly decrepit after years of foundational and structural problems.

“We kept putting it off and every year it got worse and worse,” said Celoron Mayor Scott Schrecengost. “It was turning into a safety hazard.”

The 25-year-old community center, which hosts village board meetings and social events for the public, was apparently built on the remains of an old Yellow Submarine restaurant.

Because of the tenuous foundation, the center’s deck and handicap ramp were starting to tilt.

“Everything was built on a burial site,” Schrecengost quipped. “We were digging up all sorts of remnants from the restaurant.”

Schrecengost, along with J. Lewis Construction, the Highway Department and members of the Celoron Fire Department and village board, volunteered to fix the ailing infrastructure themselves.

“We just wanted to save the taxpayers some money,” Schrecengost said.

The effort took a week to complete, from Sept. 5-12.

“I really want to thank everybody for supporting the community,” Schrecengost said. “It’s well-appreciated by all.”

The community center is located at 47 Dunham Ave. in Celoron.