Change Of Venue

After selling out more than a dozen consecutive live recordings of “Rolling Hills Radio,” the show has found a new venue.

Episode No. 26 of “Rolling Hills Radio” will be held at a new location, The Reg Studio Theater, 108 E. Third St. in Jamestown. The performance, which will feature the Dady Brothers and Max Garcia Conover, will begin at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 24. Tickets are still available.

According to Ken Hardley, show host, the decision to move to a new location was made mostly because the shows were selling out and people were being turned away at the door.

“Somewhere in the neighborhood of the last 15 shows were sold out,” Hardley said. “We’re already running low on tickets for episode No. 26, so we anticipate that this (new venue) is going to start selling out fairly soon as well.”

The Reg Studio Theater has increased the capacity of the show to 75, from 50 at the Labyrinth Press Company, which was the former location. However, it was a difficult decision to make because the Labyrinth Press Company had been home to the show since it began in 2010, when it was called “Woodsongs Coffeehouse Radio Hour.”

“Leaving the Lab was heartbreaking – we postponed the decision as long as we could,” Hardley said. “Jeff James has been an absolute prince to work with. He did everything that we asked, the ambiance there was just perfect and got the show off to a good first three years. We plan to keep a connection with the Lab by trying to make sure artists coming in from out of town will be able to play there.

“The Reg Studio Theater is certainly a different ambiance, but at the same time it is a blank slate – so we can create something from the ground up,” Hardley continued.

Episode No. 26, which will act as a grand opening of sorts, will also serve as a trial to test some new things out. And, it will set the tone for November’s Episode No. 27, which will feature several new aspects of the show yet to be announced, Hardley said.

As a result of no longer having access to the Lab’s food and drink, Drew Emerling was added as a food and drink manager. Another future aspect of the show video recording by Ed Tomassini.

Headlining episode No. 26 are the Dady Brothers, comprised of brothers John and Joe Dady who are originally from Rochester. The brothers play a range of instruments including fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, uilleann pipes, harmonica and bodhran, as well as a variety of genres such as country, bluegrass, acoustic blues, folk and Irish. For more information visit

“These guys are pros who’ve been at this for well over three decades,” Hardley said. “They were old buddies of mine when I started because we were playing the same circuit at the same time. This summer Joe and I played a few gigs together, which we hadn’t done in decades, and after one gig I said, ‘You know Joe, you’re going to have to come to Jamestown to do my show’ – he agreed. I was really flattered and surprised because they have many albums, built their own recording studio and go on tour. And, they’ve played Jamestown before as headliners at the Reg Lenna Theater.”

Opening for the Dady Brothers is Max Garcia Conover, a Bemus Point native who is currently on tour promoting the release of his first full-length album, “Burrow.” For more information visit

“I first ran across Max two years ago at the Great Blue Heron Music Festival,” Hardley said. “Once in a while something happens, it happened with Cammy Enaharo and a couple of others, after the first verse of the first song you are blown away and know that they are something special. Max’s songwriting is exceptional, his guitar style is unique and he’s got a performing presence – he just grabs you.”

Tickets to the Thursday, Oct. 24, show are available at the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts ticket office, 484-7070, online at or at the door while they last. Following the performance, a meet and greet will be held at Forte on Third Street, which is directly adjacent to the Reg Studio Theater. The show will be rebroadcast on WRFA-LP on Thursday, Oct. 31, at 7 p.m.

Episode No. 27 of the show will feature Girls Gone Mild, a group of four female musicians including: Mary Ramsey, vocalist and violinist of 10,000 Maniacs; Susan Rozler, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist; Alison Pipitone, singer, songwriter and guitarist for the Alison Pipitone Band; and Theresa Quinn, pianist and organist. For more information on Girls Gone Mild, visit

For more information, search for “Rolling Hills Radio” on Facebook, or visit to purchase tickets, stream WRFA’s broadcast debut of each show or listen to previous performances.