Southwestern Swimmers Pile Up Records In Win Over Salamanca

SALAMANCA – Southwestern had a record-setting performance in a 130-56 West Division girls swimming win over Salamanca on Tuesday.

Sydney Thomas of the Lady Trojans was a double winner and set a pool record in the 200 freestyle with a time of 2:00.23 and another record in the 100 backstroke with a time of 1:00.15.

Xiane Smith set a pool record in the 50 freestyle with a time of 25.30, Katie Lawton’s 1:02.70 was a new pool record in 100 butterfly and Sydney Burk set a record in the 100 freestyle with a 55.55.

Southwestern’s 200 and 400 freestyle relays also set pool records.

200 Medley Relay: Southwestern (Thomas, Lawton, Smith, Powers), Southwestern, Salamanca. T-1:59.68

200 Freestyle: Sydney Thomas (SW), Lawton (SW), Burns (SW) T-2:00.23

200 IM: Jill Lawton (SW), Gutzmer (SW), Ball (S) T-2:24.20

50 Freestyle: Xiane Smith (SW), Fish (S), Bruneca (SW) T-:25.30

Diving: Kelsey Powers (SW), T. Brown (S), K. Cook (S), P-177.60

100 Butterfly: Katie Lawton (SW), Smith (SW), Seely (SW) T-1:02.70

100 Freestyle: Sydney Burk (SW), Fish (S), Meek (S) T-55.55

500 Freestyle: Kayla Jackson (S), Rybicki (SW), K. Cook (S) T-5:57.88

200 Freestyle Relay: Southwestern (Smith, Powers, Buck, Lawton), Southwestern, Salamanca. T- 1:41.57

100 Backstroke: Sydney Thomas (SW), Stevens (SW), Burns (SW) T-1:00.15

100 Breaststroke: Megan Seeley (SW), Shurilla (S), Stevenson (SW) T-:16.72

400 Freestyle Relay: Southwestern (Lawton, Thomas, Powers, Buck), Salamanca, Southwester. T-3:48.23


MAYVILLE – Chautauqua Lake topped Franklinville, 109-74.

The only double winner in the meet was Frank-linville’s Jessica Schneggenberger, who won the 50 freestyle and the 100 breaststroke.

200 Medley Relay: Chautauqua Lake (Kara Tenpas, Jenna Weimer, Abbey Jantzi, Rennee Lachajczyk), Franklinville, Franklinville. T-2:14.95

200 Freestyle: Carolyn Wright (F) Abbey Jopek (CL) Kristen Akin (CL) 2:26.14

200 IM: Johanna Ferrand (F), Kara Tenpas(CL) Jenna Weimer (CL) T-2:35.86

50 Freestyle: Jessica Schneggenburger (F) Connie Miller (F) Claire Corwin T-29.58

Diving: Kirsten Elliot (CL) Ashley Moulton (CL) Sara Godfrey (CL) P-158.92

100 Butterfly: Johanna Ferrand (F) Abbey Jantzi (CL) Connie Miller (F) 1:04.70

100 Freestyle: Ashley Moulton (CL) Rennee LAchajczyk (CL) Abbey Jopek (CL) T-102.76

500 Freestyle: Kristen Akin (CL) Emily Timkey (F) Ashley Cooke (F) T-7:05.21

200 Freestyle Relay: Chautauqua Lake (Sara Godfrey, Abbey Jantzi Abbey Jopek Rennee Lachajczyk), Chautauqua Lake, Franklinville. T- 2:01.70

100 Backstroke: K. Tenpas (CL) Carolyn Wright (F) Heather Sullivan (CL) T-1:12. 17

100 Breaststroke: Jessica Schneggenburger (F) Jenna Weimer (CL) Shelby Hood (F) T-1: 23.14

400 Freestyle Relay: Chautauqua Lake (Rennee Lachajczyk Abbey Jantzi, Abbey Jopek Ashley Moulton), Franklinville, Chautauqua Lake. T-4:24.97


FREDONIA – The combined team of Dunkirk, Fredonia and Silver Creek rolled to a 115-68 victory over Frewsburg.

Deidra Osula doubled in the 50 freestyle (25.14) and the 100 freestyle (57.33), Mikayla Polowy claimed victories in the 200 freestyle (2:17.61) and the 500 freestyle (6:09.72) and Katie Webster won the 100 butterfly (1:09.60) and the 100 breaststroke (1:19.30) for the winners.

200 free relay: Dunkirk/Fredonia/Silver Creek, Frewsburg. T – 1:59.51

200 freestyle: Polowy (DFS), Rachel Moller (FRW), Katie Clymerman (DFS). T – 2:17.61

200 IM: Riley Drummond (DFS), Grace Mroczka (DFS), Heather Russell (FRW). T – 2:29.02

50 freestyle: Osula (DFS), Kiah Johnson (FRW), Megan Davis (FRW). T – 25.14.

Diving: IsPucci-Schaefer (DFS), Jenna Vecchio (DFS). P – 150.30

100 butterfly: Webster (DFS), Davis (FRW), Tomasina Dolecki (FRW). T – 1:09.60

100 freestyle: Osula (DFS), Morgan Scarpino (FRW), Reynolds (DFS). T – 57.33

500 freestyle: Polowy (DFS), Drummond (DFS), KJohnson (FRW). T – 6:09.72

200 free relay: Dunkirk/Fredonia/Silver Creek, Frewsburg. T – 1:49.29

100 backstroke: Mroczka (DFS), Russell (FRW), Cecelia Pearson (FRW). T -1:10.06

100 breaststroke: Webster (DFS), Scarpino (FRW), Mazie Terhune (FRW). T – 1:19.30

400 free relay: Frewsburg, DFS. T – 4:36.84