Wefing, Pietrocarlo Finish First In Maple Grove Wins

FRANKLINVILLE – Maple Grove’s boys and girls joined Olean and Allegany-Limestone in Franklinville for a CCAC cross country meet on Tuesday and it was another good day for each MG team on the 3.1-mile course.

The Red Dragons (9-3) racked up 40 points, while Olean followed with 45, the Panthers had 66 and Allegany-Limestone had 68.

Cory Wefing set a new course record, posting a first-place time of 16.12.

As for the girls, Maple Grove remained perfect at 12-0 and won by a wide margin with 16 points, the Lady Gators were second with 55, Olean had 62 and Franklinville was incomplete.

Hope Pietrocarlo finished with a time of 19:50 for Maple Grove to earn the top spot.


Cory Wefing (MG)16:12, Owen Barber (A-L), 17:14, Matt Bacher (FK), Frank Zuroski (MG), Ethan Kelley (O), Frank Cihak (O), Forest Swaciak (FK), Andrew Steady (A-L), Palis Lokenberg (O), Ben Soffel (MG).


Hope Pietrocarlo (MG) 19:50, Caroline Benson (MG), Taylor Norris (MG), Grace Auer (MG), Joie Rosestangle (A-L), Kristin Kelemen (MG), Alexa Minerd (O), Kylie Pleakis (A-L), Sova Alexis (O), Ally Saar (MG).


Ryan Hetrick was the leader with a 16:55.7 over a 3.1-mile course as Southwestern boys won with 21 points followed by Falconer-Frewsburg with 45 and host Jamestown with 54.

Jordan Powers was second to Hetrick, Collin Hanson fourth, Jacob Hinsdale fifth and Guiseppe Hoose ninth for Southwestern.

Kirsten Holmberg of Falconer came up with a 20:56.1 to win the girls race, which was won by Jamestown with 26 points, Falconer-Frewsburg had 53 points and Southwestern 56.

Jenna Silzle was third, Rachel Johnson fourth, Kirstie Hanson fifth, Nicole Haase sixth and Elizabeth Mazzone eighth for Jamestown.


1. Ryan Hetrick (Southwestern), 16:55.7; 2. Jordan Powers (Southwestern); 3. Austin Ormond (Falconer); 4. Collin Hanson (Jamestown); 5. Jacob Hinsdale (Southwestern); 6. Zachery Barnes (Jamestown); 7. Michael Johnson (Jamestown); 8. Tristen Lee (Falconer); 9. Guiseppe Hoose (Southwestern); 10. T. Hannold (Falconer).


1. Kirstin Holmberg (Falconer), 20:56.1; 2. Cassie Cramer (Southwestern); 3. Jenna Silzle (Jamestown); 4. Rachel Johnson (Jamestown); 5. Kirstie Hanson (Jamestown); 6. Nicole Haase (Jamestown); 7. Emily Nelson (Southwestern); 8. Elizabeth Mazzone (Jamestown), 9. Jillian Myers (Jamestown); 10. Kylie Jo Lindall (Falconer).


Holly Eliason was clocked in 20:10.3 as Clymer-Sherman-Panama placed second with 36 points to Gowanda’s 22 points in the girls race held at Jamestown.

Colleen Steward was second, Hunter Samuelson third, Katelyn Jaroszewski fourth, Sarah Grubbs sixth and Lexi Latona seventh for Gowanda.

Matt Kruszka was first in the boys race with 17:00.6 as Gowanda used the tie-breaker to topple CSP after both teams had tied with 28 points.


1. Matt Kruszka (Gowanda), 17:00.6; 2, Dan O’Dell (Clymer-Sherman-Panama); 3. Josh O’Dell (CSP); 4. Joe Kruszka (G); 5. Jordan Boland (CSP); 6. Ian Warrior (G); 7. Ben Myzel (Gowanda); 8. Ryan Carpenter (CSP); 9. Ryan Monat (Gowanda); 10. Christopher Robson (CSP).


1. Holly Eliason (Clymer-Sherman-Panama), 20:10.3; 2. Colleen Steward (Gowanda); 3. Hunter Samuelson (Gowanda); 4, Katelyn Jaroszewski (Gowanda); 5. Katie Pacy (CSP); 6. Sarah Grubbs (G); 7. Lexi Latona (Gowanda); 8. Elizabeth Omicioli (Gowanda); 10. Jurnee Hannold (CSP).