Randolph Discusses Test Scores

RANDOLPH – Regardless of the state exam proficiency levels of their students, officials at Randolph Central School District feel there is always room for improvement.

On Wednesday, the district held a regular Board of Education meeting during which the district’s end-of-year Regents results, as well as seventh- and eighth-grade ELA and math scores, were presented by high school department leaders.

Providing the bulk of the data was Laurie Sanders, principal of Randolph High School. According to Sanders, the district will be using the results as guidelines for overall improvement in the area of standardized testing.

“We talked about goals that we have down the road here, and using what we call ‘multiple data points’ to better understand where our gaps are and what we need to do as a staff to bring everyone’s proficiency and mastery levels up,” Sanders said.

In the areas of seventh- and eighth-grade results in ELA and math, Sanders reported mixed results. She said seventh-graders scored below the average of Chautauqua and Cattaraugus counties’ school districts on both exams, while eighth-graders scored above the two-county district average on both exams.

Though the results showed traces of a promising future, Sanders said Randolph will always be striving for improvement.

“We definitely saw that there was growth, and the state, for the first time, publicly stated that it was measuring growth,” she said. “So the growth was good, but we’re never satisfied with the overall results. If we’re not 100 percent across the board, we know we still have some work to do.”

Sanders also noted that the district’s graduation rate has increased to 86.6 percent, which reflects a 10.7 point increase over last year’s graduation rate.

Other business included several personnel appointments. Additions to the volunteer list for classrooms and field trips were Louise Lampson, Lorielle Inkley, Sharon Salvaggio, Kathy Lecceardone and Catherine Weaver. Jon Peterson was appointed as a volunteer assistant for football, and Melissa Young was appointed as a volunteer assistant for football cheerleading. Extra-curricular appointments included Andrea Mosher to ski club and JamieLynn Griffith to guided study.

A non-instructional position was both created and filled during the meeting. Kristie Ling was appointed account clerk typist for a 52-week probationary period, beginning Friday. The board also approved an unpaid leave of absence request by Tammy Zeth, cleaner, for the period of Sept. 23 through Dec. 23.

The next regular meeting of the Randolph Board of Education will be held tonight at 7 p.m.