Cummins Donates To Dunkirk Schools

Recently, Cummins Inc., Jamestown Engine Plant presented a check to the Dunkirk City School District Technology Department during a Board of Education meeting for the purchase of a classroom version of a Computer Numerical Control machine.

The CNC machine is being purchased through an $18,770.53 grant given to the school district and will help students learn the latest machining and manufacturing skills. The school district and Cummins have had a partnership for the past three years. Purchase of this equipment is part of a multi-year, multi-faceted project involving students in a local school district. Plans are to have an ongoing relationship with this school and expand the program to include other area high schools.

Students who participate in the overall program visit the Cummins JEP plant on a recurring basis, and JEP employees go to the school to assist there. Students will have the opportunity to apply to be an intern during the summer of their senior year before going on to college. Other internship opportunities will be available during college, with the expectation that after graduating from college the students will be qualified to apply for a full-time permanent position at Jamestown Engine Plant.

This grant supports Science, Technology, Engineering, and Manufacturing educational needs to provide a local skilled workforce from an area high school. Dunkirk High School is a “high risk school” in a more depressed economic region, so this program provides increased opportunities and equity of education for these students.