Chautauqua Hydroseeding Fills Stoneman Business Park Location

BUSTI – Chautauqua Hydroseeding LLC is the newest addition to Stoneman Business Park in the town of Busti. Due to expansion of the business, the company purchased four acres from the County of Chautauqua Industrial Development Agency. Robert Lucas, owner of the company, has erected a 3,200-square-foot building, including a new entrance and landscaping at the Stoneman Park site.

“Our business continues to grow as people become more aware of the benefits of maintaining green areas and preventing soil erosion, especially around Chautauqua Lake,” Lucas said regarding the growth of his business in Chautauqua County. “We have seeded new residential lawns, athletic fields, schools, golf courses, environmental remediation sites, highway right-of-ways, storm-water retention ponds, housing developments, gas well drilling and hydrofracturing sites and wildlife food plot and conservation areas. Another large part of our business is repairing lawns damaged by insects and improper lawn chemical use. Any type of grass that can be grown from seed can be hydroseeded, as well as wildflowers and crown vetch. We also offer several different wildlife food plot mixes that provides an excellent food source and habitat for our native wildlife.”

“Seeing the new facility for Chautauqua Hydroseeding certainly makes us proud of what has gone on in Stoneman Business Park over the last eight years,” said Chautauqua County Executive Greg Edwards. “The CCIDA has sold almost all the available land in the park. We were told it would never be done, so adding Bob Lucas, who is a great owner/operator, to the other businesses there is exciting for us.”

“It is bittersweet to see Stoneman get filled since there is very little land left there in such a wonderful location, but Chautauqua Hydroseed is a great addition,” said Bill Daly, CCIDA administrative director. “We welcome Bob and his staff, and look forward to reporting on more growth in his company’s future.”