Get A?Map!

In “honor” of those in our nation’s capital, who are acting like little kids who can’t get along in the schoolyard playing a game of kickball, the next two weeks of the Voice from the Bullpen will be “dedicated” to their ineptitude and juvenility.

So here we sit, waiting (at the time of the writing of this piece) for our elected officials to stand up to relieve the pressure on their brains and come together for the betterment of the American people and this country.

I’m tired of listening to the “who’s to blame” banter by politicians, analysts, Facebookers, tweeters, emailers, and those highly intelligent (sarcasm here) radio political experts who don’t seem to look at the bottom line of situations and try to help be part of the solutions; rather they throw more fuel on the fires, rile up Americans, and escalate the arguing and bantering of what is happening within our country today.

The President did not (by himself) shut down the government, nor did he shut down the ocean or anything else many would like us to believe.

Congress did not (by themselves) shut down the government, nor did they create the prevention of a full running government with all departments operating at full force.

It was all of the people involved in those two branches of our government who can’t check their egos and pointing fingers at the door and start working as we and us, rather than I and me. What they also have done is to figuratively slap the faces of all Americans, especially those who are not able to collect their paychecks as they on Capitol Hill and those who occupy the offices of the Executive Branch are still collecting theirs.

It’s my understanding that, according to the constitution and the Declaration of Independence, written more than 237 years ago, all men are created equal.

If that’s the case, how is it that the average “Joe” is not allowed, according to law, to kidnap anyone and hold them hostage to get what they want, but right now, we have about 600 or so (The Legislative and Executive branches of our government) getting away with holding nearly 317 million people hostage until they can come to some kind of compromise, consensus, or anything to put our country back to work and moving forward.

Why aren’t those people considered the same kind of criminals as the average “Joes” are if they held someone hostage?

If all men are created equal, why are some exempt from the same programs and/or laws as “Average Joe” has to follow and pay for?

Why are these people not made to be accountable for their failures in their jobs? It seems like educators who have to deal with situations, burdens, and baggage stuffed in the backpacks of their students, caused by those who think they know anything about education (but really don’t) and pass laws, and create educational plans without consulting educators (those in the classrooms), and then threaten those teachers’ jobs based on the passing and/or failing of a ridiculous test created by the same people who are failing the country but get away with it because they go to work each day in chauffeured limousines, and wear silk ties, or fancy business suits, and carry brief cases making many wonder what they’re carrying because they are the ones failing those under their leadership. Where is the test that measures if our elected officials, especially those in Washington, are passing or failing, or are maintaining the Common Core principles of government successfully?

Why don’t our elected officials have to buy into the same programs as they are trying to pass for the majority of Americans? Why are they exempt from Social Security, Obamacare and so many other programs that the “Average Joes” have to live with? Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait until I can start collecting my Social Security, if there will be anything left come 19 months from now. My retirement pays most of my bills, but I still have to work to get the “extras” that we want to enjoy, and those are not as many as we’d like, or as fancy as we’d like, because the resources are limited. How come our elected leaders don’t have to pick and choose the things they want to enjoy because their funds are limited? Oh yeah, probably because their funds aren’t limited. They don’t have to live like the “Average Joes” have to live, but don’t forget … all men are created equal.

I realize that every person has the right to go as far as they wish, within the law, and that not everyone will make the same amount of money in their jobs or their lives. I am not that naive to think so, but if all Americans have to be a part of a program enacted by the lawmakers of this country for all Americans of this country, why are their exemptions? It doesn’t make sense, unless all men who are created equal, aren’t treated equally.

I’ve said this before, all programs have merits and all programs have issues.

Enough is enough!

If you can’t sit down and figure out how to work together so the people you represent can have their life back, then I suggest you take literally, the following expression I have heard at times in my life but have changed one word to fit this scenario, “quit (not the word in the original quote), or get off the pot!”

Either way, the American people will benefit. If you can’t do your job, quit!

If you are not willing to quit, then get off the pot and start working together for the good of the nearly 317 million people of these United States of America, and if you can’t find your way through this mess toward a solution, get a map and find the way!

No more excuses, no more blame, just get it done!