Gould Rolls 753 In Scratch Doubles

Dan Gould was the leading bowler in the Scratch Doubles at Jamestown Bowling Company on Thursday night.

Gould upended 268-220-265-753 for Himes-Gould in the Scratch Doubles at JBC.

Alan Felmlee uncorked a 235-258-708 for Felmlees for the second 700 in the Scratch Doubles.

Mark Blasdell just missed a 700 with a 278-225-699 for John C. Nelson Company in the same league.

Lyn McIntyre fired a 233-633 and Beth Sacilowski a 609 to lead the ladies at JBC in the Scratch Doubles.

Jeff Wadsworth hit a 244-225-691 for Wadsworth Construction, Ron Holter a 256-653 for Farm Fresh Foods and Alex Foti a 257-228-678 for Foti brothers in the Scratch Doubles at JBC.

Chuck Stohlberg shot a 236-606 in the A. M. Seniors League at JBC.

Drilling 256s were Bill Thompson, John Williams Sr. and Doug Trapani at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: A. M. Seniors League – Jim Suckow 201-580, Pete D’Angelo 217-548.

Early Birds League – Dan Snow 234-582, Roger Gustafson 207-544, Cliff Carlson 537, Ken Davis 513, Jan Streed 470, Gen Juul 467, Denise Weber 463, Joyce Sanders 413.

Scratch Doubles – Ray Textor 242-227-670, Joe Foti 247-225-661, Bill Thompson 656, John Williams Sr. 650, Trapani 235-646, Tim Whitmore 231-226-646, Jim Elardo 226-644, Matt Delong 246-641, Justin VanArsdale 230-637, Jim Mee 236-636, Tom Volpe 243-632, Joe Muzzy 225-624, Ron Lyon 615, Dave Fiorellla 246-614, Tom Sacilowski 608, Randy Herron 228-604, Dan Hallberg 601, Josh Volk 224-582, Mike Rylowicz 582.

Schutt’s Arctic Cat League – Jesse Anderson 249-225-651, Chris Goodwiill 609, Russ Berkhous 603, John Robbins 232-591, Andrew Reymond 587.

Cutting Lanes: American League – Brad Robinson 223-620, Cran Nyweiide 225-607, Drew Robinson 225-603, Jason Rhodes 227-590, Roger Robinson 224-589, Jeff Donor 234-584, Alton Wethli 579.