Painting Moves With Zenns To Lutheran

Upon the sale of her house in Mayville, Betty Lou Zenns and her family had to decide how to distribute the remaining personal belongings left in the house. Those belongings included a painting by local artist David Earl Miller. Now a resident of the Lutheran Home and Rehabilitation Center, she and her family decided Lutheran was the best choice so she and all the residents can enjoy the painting for years to come. The plaque on the painting reads, “Wherever your journey takes you, share a smile and laugh everyday.” This has been Betty Lou’s motto since she moved into Lutheran more than two years ago. Choosing the location within Lutheran was easy as well; it now hangs in the hallway right by Betty Lou’s room on A1. Some years ago. Mrs. Zenns was at the Lake Chautauqua Lutheran Center attending a program by Mr. Miller, so she was there when he created the painting. Everyone present then put their names into a hat, and Mrs. Zenns was the lucky winner. Above, Mrs. Zenns poses with the painting along with her two daughters, Martha Zenns and Mary Hunt.