City Man Wanted For Meth Production Captured In Pa.

TITUSVILLE, Pa. – A nearly three-week search ended Thursday when police located a Jamestown man wanted for the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

Phillip Reichardt, 38, of Jamestown was located by Titusville (Pa.) Police at 11:30 a.m. Jamestown police believed Reichardt fled to the Titusville area when the investigation began Sept. 19 as a working meth lab was found at 19 Crossman St. in the city. At the time, investigators thought Reichardt was heading to Titusville to stay with some of his girlfriend’s family members and a felony warrant was issued for his arrest. Jamestown Police had been working closely with Titusville Police and a check of one location Thursday led to Reichardt being taken into custody without incident.

On Sept. 19, Police had been assisting parole officers when they came across materials to make methamphetamine on Crossman Street in the city. After calling the New York State Police Crime Scene Emergency Response Team and the Jamestown Fire Department to assist in the investigation, a working methamphetamine lab was found in the home.

“It (methamphetamine) is an extremely addictive and damaging drug,” said Jamestown Police Captain Robert Samuelson.

Although rarely prescribed, the drug can be used to treat ADHD. It has a variety of physical and psychological side effects. The labs used to make methamphetamine emit noxious fumes, and sometimes the buildings in which the labs are contained can explode.

Currently Reichardt is being held in the Crawford County Jail where he is awaiting an extradition hearing. He will be returned to Chautauqua County following a hearing or if he waives the hearing.