Maple Grove’s Wefing Sets Course Record At Dunkirk

DUNKIRK – Corey Wefing of Maple Grove, who missed the Southern Tier Classic at Allegany on Saturday because of SAT tests, got back on the cross-country trail and established a boys record at Dunkirk in the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association on Tuesday afternoon.

Wefing broke the two-year record of Cliff Nielson of Gowanda with a 3.1-mile time of 16:46 with Javier Soto of Dunkirk trailing at 17:55. Nielson’s record was over 17 minutes.

Team-wise, Dunkirk (7-2) took the race with 37 points, Maple Grove (7-3) had 42 and Jamestown 45.

Ethan Francis of Dunkirk was third, Christian Edborg of Jamestown fourth and Frank Zuroski of Maple Grove fifth.

Hope Pietrocarlo was timed in 20:39 as the Maple Grove standout almost led her team to a perfect record in the girls race.

Taylor Norris was second, with a 21:15. Grace Auer third and Kristin Kelemen fourth and Ally Saar sixth as the Lady Red Dragons compiled 16 points to run their record to 10-0. Jamestown had 43 points and Dunkirk was incomplete.

Rachel Johnson’s fifth-place showing for Jamestown prevented a perfect score by the Lady Red Dragons.


1. Corey Wefing (MG), 16:46 (course record); 2. Javier Soto (D), 3. Ethan Francis (D), 4. Christian Edborg (J), 5. Frank Zuroski (MG), 6. Zach Burns (J). 7. Raymond Tarnowski (D), 8. Alec Towaszewski (D), 9, Mike Johnson (J), 10. John Healy (J).


1. Hope Pietrocarlo (MG) 20:39; 2. Taylor Norris (MG), 3. Grace Auer (MG), 4. Kristin Kelemen (MG), 5. Rachel Johnson (J), 6. Ally Saar (MG), 7. Elysa Meekins (MG), 8. Jenna Silzle (J), 9. Kirstie Hanson (J), 10. Jillian Peters (J).


FALCONER – Senior Austin Ormond won his first varsity boys race for Falconer.

Ormond was involved in a three-way battle with Jake Cilak and Ethan Kelly of Olean, but finished in front with a 17:40 on the 3-mile course at Breezewood Links.

Ormond took over the lead in final 400 yards and won down the stretch. Cilak was clocked in 17:53 for second and Kelly was at 17:58 for third place.

Team-wise, Silver Creek-Forestville captured the event with 35 points followed by Olean with 39 and Falconer 50.

Caleb Makuch had the best finish for Silver Creek-Forestville with a fourth-place finish. The Black Knights had Jake Mullen sixth, McAlevey seventh, Ryan Rhia eighth and Tyler Steklasa 10th.

In the girls race, Emma Seiders was the leader with a 20:43 as Silver Creek-Forestville won with 23 points, Olean with 49 and Falconer with 54.

Kirsten Holmburg of Falconer was second with a 21:5 followed by Hannah Seiders of Silver Creek with a 21:28.

Rachel Radack was fifth, Sarah Adams sixth, Clare Castiglia seventh and Carol Pulz 10th for Silver Creek.


1. Austin Ormond (Falconer-Frewsburg), 17:49; 2. Jake Cilak (O), 3. Ethan Kelly (O), 4. Caleb Makuch (SC-F), 5. Trystin Lee (F-F, 6. Jake Mullen (SC-F)), 7. McAlevey (SC-F), 8. – Ryan Rhia (SC-F), 9. Alex Lokonburg (O), 10. Tyler Steklasa (SC-F).


1. Emma Seiders (SC-F), 20:43; 2. Kirstin Holmberg (F-F), 3. Hannah Seiders (SC-F), 4. Alexa Minard (O), 5. Rachel Radack (SC-F), 6. Sarah Adams (SC-F), 7. Alexis Sova (0), 8. Clare Castiglia (SC-F), 9. Maddy Hummel (O), 10. Carol Pulz (SC-F).


Ryan Hetrick and Jordan Powers were 1-2 in a host Southwestern (9-1) boys win over Clymer-Sherman-Panama (9-2), Fredonia (6-3) and Allegany-Limestone (2-7).

Hetrick toured the 3.1-mile layout in 17:13 while beating Powers by 15 seconds (17:38) as the Trojans scored 33 points, C-S-P 40, Fredonia 49 and Allegany-Limestone 110.

Mark Mitchener was seventh and Giuseppe Hoose ninth for Southwestern. Dan O’Dell and Clymer-Sherman-Panama and teammate Josh O’Dell were third and fourth in that order.

Holly Eliason of Clymer-Sherman-Panama took the girls race again with a 20:24 followed by Mikala Tramauta of Fredonia with 21:23.

Team-wise, Fredonia (7-2) was the winner with 31 points, C-S-P (9-2) with 46, Allegany-Limestone (4-5) with 66 and Southwestern (2-7) incomplete.

Cassie Cramer finished sixth for Southwestern.


1. Ryan Hetrick (SW), 17:13; 2. Jordan Powers (SW), 3. Dan O’Dell (CSP), 4. Josh O’Dell (CSP), 5. Josh Goodhue (F), 6. Mike Meredith (F), 7. Ryan Carpenter (CSP), 8. Matt Minchener (SS), 9. Stephen Formanowicz (F), 10. Giuseppe Hoose (SW).


1. Hollly Eliason (C-S-P) 20:24; 2. Michaela Tramuta (F), 3. Gwen Stokes (F), 4. Joie-Rose Stangle (A-L), 5. Kyle Pleaskis (A-L), 6. Cassie Cramer (SW), 7. Emily Wan (F), 8. Katie Pacy (C-S-P), 9. Maitland Langworthy (F), 10. Claire O’Brien (F).


RANDOLPH – Gowanda’s Matthew Kruszka had the fastest time of the day with 17:33 to top the boys as the Panthers and Franklinville visited Randolph for a meet at Cardinal Hills Golf Course.

Teamwise, Gowanda beat Franklinville, 19-62, and the Cardinals, 19-47 while Randolph 19-47, Randolph topped Franklinville 47-62.

In girls action, Gowanda beat both Randolph and Franklinville with 15 points, as both opponents were incomplete.

Colleen Steward finished first for the Lady Panthers with a time of 21:09.


Matthew Kruszka (G), 17:33, Joey Kruszka (G), Ian Warrior (G), Ben Myzel (G), Forest Swaciak (F), Ashton Walters (R), Carter Graham (R), Dennis Becker (R), Ryan Monat (G), Deatryk Silsby (R).


Colleen Steward (G), 21:09, Hunter Samuelson (G), Katelynn Jaroszewski (G), Sarah Grubbs (G), Ericka Carnahan (R), Halle Lienhart (R), Lexi Latona (G), Nina Roman (G), Kelsey Delpriore (G), Mikayla Brooks (R).