Goodbye, Good Health Care

To The Reader’s Forum:

It is blatantly obvious to the most casual observer that we currently have the BEST healthcare in the world. That’s why we see people from all over the world, flying to America (at great expense) to have the privilege of utilizing our health care system.

Well, you can say farewell to that beautiful system as we trade it off for a new one. “Obamacare” is about to break that which isn’t broken. There are plenty of exemptions in this new system; Corporations (Obama’s campaigning enemies, now buddies), Congress itself is fleeing from this disaster (if it was any good they would be begging to get on board). Also consider those extra millions YOU will soon get to pay for: illegals, prisoners, welfare, migrant birthers and etc.

That’s OK, you’ve got it to spend! No more $350 a month for insurance premiums, soon it will be $650- $950 for LESS coverage. Plans will be having $3,000-$5,000 deductibles. Long lines are coming. Waiting rooms will be bigger; packed with patients. Across the nation and here in Jamestown employers are already cutting back to 29 hours in effort to dodge this train wreck. There are also cut backs of personnel and businesses even closing their doors (this in mere anticipation of the new federal folly).

Why is this happening? Actually it involves 2,700 pages of taxes (much of which have nothing to do with healthcare). Example: 4 percent tax to feds if you sell your house! New taxes will appear on medical appliances, etc. All are burdens to be applied to the WORKING people of this great nation. It is a money grab, plain and simple. It is crazy, costly, confusing, and prejudicially unconstitutional. Understatement of the year, “TRAIN WRECK.” All of this to help create a third world America and usher in a One World Government! (Not to mention an attempt to get some cover-up money to hide the astounding $8 trillion new indebtedness.)

Dr. Donald Erickson,