Obey Speed Limits

To The Reader’s Forum:

Municipalities reduce the speed limits on their streets for the safety and protection of residents, pedestrians and drivers. The increased activity within a community creates additional traffic and the potential for accidents. Most drivers understand, respect and obey speed limits.

Valley Street in Mayville has a heavily posted 30 MPH speed limit that too many drivers ignore. It’s a quiet residential street, not an express route out of town or a quicker way to get to school, court or a job. A reliable source noted that speeding tickets have been issued on Valley Street to school teachers!

Children of all ages live on and travel Valley Street. Most drivers have extended families that include children and it would be devastating to them if they hit one. Speeding increases the likelihood that serious injury could occur. If it happens, it can’t be taken back and sorry would not be good enough.

Although I’m writing about the street I live on, I know I express the concerns of residents on every street in every community.

Drivers need to have personal integrity and slow down! The financial penalty of an accident would be high, but the lifelong emotional consequence may be unbearable.

Julie Smith