Editor’s Note

What makes a night memorable?

We have 365 – sometimes 366 – of them each year. The ones we spend working late might be memorable for the wrong reasons. The nights when we rent movies or read books blur together, making us ask, “What did we do last Friday?”

I think this Thursday will stick with me for a long time – forever, I hope.

For a while, I had our fourth anniversary circled on my mental calendar. I had purchased an engagement ring and hidden it in a place where it wouldn’t be found. Then, I kept a big secret from most of my friends and family – and most importantly, my girlfriend.

As the day came closer at an agonizingly slow pace, I formed a plan for my proposal. The plan involved me picking her up from work as soon as her day concluded. I was confident I could make that happen.

Then, I received a jury summons in the mail Tuesday night … for Thursday, the day of our anniversary. If I was at the courthouse in Mayville until 5 p.m., my plan would’ve been destroyed.

It was highly, highly doubtful I would’ve been selected as a trial juror due to my profession, so I was pretty angry about the whole thing. Forgive me for not jumping with joy at the thought of performing my civic duty, but I’m only planning to have one proposal in my life.

Thankfully, my fellow prospective jurors and I were excused before we even had to report. Unfortunately, the stress had shaved several quality years off my life by then.

With jury duty out of my mind, I then only had to focus on the task at hand. The details of the proposal – I think – are better kept between us and our close friends and family. Some things are too personal for a weekly lifestyles column.

The important thing is, she said yes. And, one day in the not so distant future, she will be my wife.