Matters Of Water, Fire And Winter Discussed In Cassadaga

CASSADAGA – A variety of agenda items were discussed at the Cassadaga Village Board meeting recently.

First, a resolution was passed to amend the village’s contract with Kande Co. in order to begin construction of water lines on North Shore Park. Two lines, both 500 feet in length, need to be replaced on the horseshoe stretch of road. The lines will meet behind homes on the street.

An agreement with homeowners has yet to be signed in order to allow access to properties. Mayor LeeAnn Lazarony said she still has a few residents to speak with on North Shore about the reinstallation of water services.

As for the new water treatment plant, Engineer Greg McCorkhill said, “They’re keeping it pretty clean as far as the work site.”

He added, “It’s going to be a beautiful building,” and the village board nodded in agreement.

Cassadaga’s Fire Chief David Muscato addressed the board about a recent acknowledgment by the fire department that their turnout gear will expire in 2014. This includes helmets, jackets, boots, gloves and other physical gear used by the firefighters.

The National Fire Protection Association handbook states, “Structural firefighting ensembles and ensemble elements shall be retired no more than 10 years from the date the ensembles or ensemble elements were manufactured.”

Muscato said the department purchased all new gear in 2003 with grant money from the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency. Per set, the gear costs about $2,800. Muscato said that when he became a firefighter in the early ’90s, a set cost roughly $900.

“It just caught us off guard,” Muscato spoke of the expiration, adding, “We thought we spent that money wisely.”

“You did,” Lazarony said. “We’ll just have to keep up on this and prepare for the future.”

The board discussed options for grants and resources for funding. Lazarony said she would speak with Congressman Tom Reed and Muscato said he would look into additional FEMA grants.

In other matters, Lazarony said several people have questioned whether or not the closed Cassadaga Elementary School is still the community shelter in case of emergencies.

She confirmed that the building is being maintained with heat and water and is indeed still the community shelter. However, Trustee Michael Lehnen asked if the building was fully prepared, and it was noted that the closed school’s kitchen is not stocked.

Lazarony said she would look into preparing the building for the winter “just in case we get a big blizzard again.”

Next on the agenda, Village Clerk Roxanne Astry said she received a quote for the waxing of the village’s community building and fire hall floor at 22 Mill St.

“Let’s do it and get it done with,” Lehnen said.

Village Attorney Mike Norris pointed out that at least two quotes are required by municipal law for any purchase exceeding $1,000. The board decided to table the decision in search of another quote.

Lazarony said she wants people to know that there are two open positions on the zoning board of appeals and one on the planning board. If anyone is interested in becoming involved with the community through these boards, they can email

Village board meetings take place every first and third Wednesday of the month at 22 Mill St. in Cassadaga at 7 p.m.