SWCS Sets Records In Swim Win

ALLEGANY -Undefeated Southwestern set four records in West Division girls swimming in a 140-36 verdict over Allegany-Limestone on Thursday evening.

The Trojans set a school and a pool record in the 200 freestyle relay with a time of 1:43.10. Katie Lawton, Kelsey Powers, Sydney Burk and Xiane Smith make up the the team.

Burk, Smith, Powers and Sydney Thomas made up the unit that set a pool record with a 3:50.96 in the 400 freestyle relay.

In the 100 freestyle, Burk set a pool record with a 56.57 for Southwestern.

Katie Lawton placed first in the 200 individual medley (2:21.42) and in the 100 butterfly (1:04.49) for the Trojans, who won all 12 events.

200 medley relay: Southwestern (Sydney Burk, Katie Lawton, Xiane Smith, Kelsey Powers). T – 2:00.51.

200 freestyle: Lizzie Brunecz (SWC), Anna O’Brien (SWC), Madeline Fodor (A-L). T – 2:12.48.

200 individual medley: Lawton (SWC), Megan Seeley (SWC), Lynsey Gutzmer (SWC). T – 2:21.42.

50 freestyle: Smith (SWC), Jilli Lawton (SWC), Kate Cecchi (A-L). T – 25.41.

Diving: Powers (SWC). Pts. – 185.90.

100 butterfly: K. Lawton (SWC), Annie McHone (A-L), Brunecz (SWC). T – 1:04.49.

100 freestyle: Burk (SWC), Maggie Burns (SWC), Kelly Stevens (SWC). T – 56.57 (pool record).

500 freestyle: L. Gutzmer (SWC), Seeley (SWC), O’Brien (SWC). T – 5:56.34.

200 freestyle relay: Southwestern (K. Lawton, Powers, Burk, Smith). T – 1:43,10 (school record and pool record)

100 backstroke: Sydney Thomas (SWC), Megan Gutzmer (SWC), Stevens (SWC). T – 1:02.52.

100 breaststroke: J. Lawton (SWC), Kate Cecchi (A-L), Katja Kranzo (SWC). T – 1:14.96.

400 freestyle relay: Southwestern (Smith, Thomas, Burk, Powers). T – 3:50.96 (pool record).