Image Review Focus Of Photo Club Meeting

“Image Review Spectacular” is the topic at the next Jamestown Audubon Nature Photography Club meeting.

On Thursday, Oct. 10, at 6:30 p.m., Bill Smith, Jamestown Audubon Nature Photography Contest judge, will review the winning images and what made them stand out as well as 70 other images and where they fell short.

There are many common and easily avoidable or fixable issues with the entries, including cropping, not matching lighting to the subject, centered subject, busy backgrounds, focus, glare and tilted horizons.

Better cropping is the main way to improve most images as the cropped out areas pull attention away from the subject. Seeing how these images fell short will help people improve their own photography.

The 2013 Jamestown Audubon Nature Photography Contest had more than 350 submissions from 25 states and 10 foreign countries.

“Mostly reflection” and “Forest shot with sun” are the topics for the image review that begins after the speaker. Showing reflection shots in water is to encourage members to think more creatively. The forest shot with sun will require members to use their in-camera controls to get a proper exposure.

The 15-minute Tech Talk will be a hands-on demonstration of taking silhouette shots.

A social time follows the program.

Visitors are asked to pay $5 that can be applied toward the annual membership of $30 if application is made by the next meeting. Among the benefits of membership are discounts on photography classes, special gifts and giveaways from sponsors, field trips, and the right to show photos at club exhibits.

The Jamestown Audubon Nature Photography Club meets at the Audubon Center & Sanctuary, 1600 Riverside Road, a quarter-mile east of Route 62 between Jamestown and Warren.

For more information, call Suzette Paduano, club president, at 763-9492 or email or visit the club blog at