Regarding ‘Time To Heal’

To The Reader’s Forum:

The headlines on the front page were wrong and sad to me.

First, I want to extend my sympathy to all the family and friends and to the community of those who knew and loved Damon Janes. It was truly a very tragic accident.

Friday nights are very special during a school year and usually the whole community and many families attend and participate in various ways at the school’s football games. Some people attend because it was their alma mater. Parents and families come out to support their child playing the game, cheerleading, marching in the band, working the concessions stand, taking tickets, keeping statistics, etc.

The future of some of these people may be affected by stopping this. Some might even “make it to the big time.” Yes, we have people in this area that have played in the NFL – Jim McCusker and Shane Conlan are examples.

Personally, I feel the best way to honor Damon Janes is to establish a “Best Sportsmanship” trophy annually in his name and have either the football players vote or possibly the whole school vote on the recipient.

I’ve heard that Damon loved football and, above all, this I sincerely pray – that God’s love and peace that passes all understanding rest upon the family, friends and community of Damon Janes.

Charles A. Erickson