Randolph School Officials Discuss Potential Capital Project Ideas

RANDOLPH – School officials at Randolph Central School are discussing the possibility of a capital project for the district.

The Board of Education held a special meeting recently, which was intended to function as a preliminary brainstorming session regarding the planning process.

The discussion was led by Mark Voorhees, a representative of the Campus Construction Management Group based in Pittsford, who suggested the discussion surrounding the planning process be broad. He said Campus Construction has had meetings with Randolph administration to discuss possible items to be addressed in the next five years, as well as their vision for the district in the next 10 to 15 years.

According to Kimberly Moritz, Randolph superintendent, the district is already eyeing a few specific items it wishes to address sooner rather than later.

“We continue to think about our transportation needs,” Moritz said. “Our bus garage sits smack dab in the middle of our campus. That’s not ideal, according to the state, and we know it’s not ideal, either.”

Moritz said other items discussed have centered around needs in the athletic department, such as dugouts for the baseball and softball fields and a new roof for the gymnasium.

Other ideas formulated through the brainstorming session included: traffic flow on campus, including vehicle traffic and foot traffic and access to the track and football field; parking for staff, visitors and students; more outside lighting and security cameras for the bus garage; upgrades to sports fields; the creation of a district gas well; and possible uses for off-campus district property on Pope Road and Weeden Road.

As for the district’s partnership with Campus Construction, Moritz said the two parties have had a healthy relationship in the past.

“They’ve worked here for a long time, and they’re very much here to assist the property owner – which is the district, board and superintendent,” she said. “And the nice thing about working with them is they don’t get paid unless inspection passes.”

Moritz said the next step in the planning process is to establish a Facilities Committee – which will include community members interested in participating – to determine the necessity of the project, as well as what it will entail.

Two personnel items were also on the agenda at the meeting. The board approved the resignation of Sharon O’Neill as school nurse and the appointment of Roxanne Finch to the position of health assistant/LPN for a probationary period beginning Sept. 1 and ending Aug. 31, 2014.